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Winter pet tips

A few winter tips to keep in mind and keep the season safe!
1.    Make sure to tap on the hood of your car before starting it to encourage any cats warming themselves on your engine block to move.
2.    Be sure to use a pet-safe ice melter when removing ice from your driveway and walk.
3.    Remember to keep antifreze stored away – it’s great for your engine – terribly dangerous to animals and children.

Protect your pets this season

Keep them all away from poinsettias and mistletoe – both of these plants can be dangerous or poisonous to cats, dogs and other animals.

Other items to watch out for this holiday season
Watch what you feed your animals during holiday dinner. Any of the following can be dangerous or troublesome:
•    Alcoholic beverages
•    Avocados
•    All forms of chocolate
•    Coffee
•    Fatty foods
•    Macadamia nuts
•    Moldy or spoiled foods
•    Onions and onion powder
•    Raisins and grapes
•    Salt
•    Yeast dough
•    Garlic
•    Xylitol-sweetened products